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August 2015 General report for Zambia Mission Fund - Canada

“Bringing the Love of Jesus to vulnerable children in Southern Zambia"

Report on Seed/Fertilizer Program, Student Sponsorship, and Community School Development – from Ruhtt Mbumwae

Greetings from Zambia!!!

I thank God for the great opportunity to be partners in the work for the Lord. Half a year has passed and many things were accomplished. This time the rains were not that good but still we had a chance to be blessed with harvesting of some maize as well.

I always thank God for your kindness and plenty support towards the needy, Grannies, widows, orphans and the vulnerable children in Zambia. The Blind Community members had a great harvest and as well many churches, especially those that worked hard with the planting and weeding as they were competing with the rains.

Many kids, grannies, church and community members were able to be fed with the dehydrated food that was sent in the container. Thank you for that generosity and may the Lord bless the donors.

THE SEED AND FERTILIZER: The seeds and fertilizer were distributed among 47 congregations and nine families from the blind community, three Christian schools, several kids under the sponsorship program and the grannies.

The harvesting was not that bad for those that worked hard and now they will be able to help their own orphans, widows and needy in their own communities.

Thank you Regina Church of Christ and all our dear friends and donors to make it possible for us to help many Zambians to have some seeds and fertilizer to grow their staple food “maize”. Many congregations used this support to show God’s love to the people and to be more united in the Lord’s work.

From August to December will be the time to distribute all the great harvests from 2015.


The year started in January with 93 students plus two Academic Production Unit (APU) kids at Kalomo High School. In addition, there are 5 students at Namwianga Secondary School and about 25 in college/university. Some students have the dream to go to high school and some are carrying the dreams of their parents. All was good during term I where we had many extra activities such as the welcome day and Art and singing day, church days, working days and fun days as well.

A highlight for Term 2 was the extra tutoring by the Kalomo High School Teachers. I chose 31 students that had excellent results in term I (except they fail Math or English.) Those cases included the students that scored a 1 or 2 in every subject but failed Math or English. So I negotiated with a math teacher and English teacher to meet and help the kids twice a week and they agreed at the cost of 3 Kwacha per student every time that they taught. This was in the hope that this program would increase their academic performance and help them to catch up with things that they had not learned in grade 8 and 9 at their Basic schools.

Our Saturday program was helped by Jackson Tembo at the farm, Mr. Siatimba at the KHS PU garden and the GBCC college students that volunteered every Saturday to do tuition and Bible with the students at KHS.

College Students: Those that completed in July are Roydah, Hajaya, Femmy, and Kingster. From this group all had reported that they had been engaged to work with the companies that they had done attachment with. Kingster Folokwe had been hired to work as a lecturer at Paramodi Private University in Luanshya (Copperbelt).

CONSTRUCTIONS: The expansion of Siabalumbi Church started as a dream and today it is a reality. The school had the closing day ceremony at the chapel with enough space for all the students, teachers and probably parents!!! Thanks for the help.

The parents are already hauling river sand to complete floor repairs for the 1x3 existing classroom. And as well have done the bricks to start the “GIRLS HOSTEL”.

NALUBUMBA 1x3: Finally we can hang the sign with the name of the donor: Don Smith. It is almost complete. Instead of it being a 1x3, we modified it to two classrooms, teachers staff room, a room for a library now that computers are in the schools probably will be Library/ computers. There is also a small room for their science experiments etc. So, The DEBS Office (Department of Education).

Our prayer is that by Term III 2015 Nalubumba and Siabalumbi kids will come all at once and leave as well at once from 8am to 15 hrs. And as well teachers will be able to have more contact with their pupils.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: This is a project that takes all our attention, adrenaline and breath. The program involves working with Government (DEBS), teachers and pupils at Siabalumbi, Nalabumba and Good Hope Basic Schools (Pre-School to Grade 9). From January to today we have hosted several workshops for the teachers (especially after the evaluation of the pupils). Mrs. Muma the inspector of schools did the evaluation in Term I and followed up with the recommendations in Term II. Some teachers improved and some did not care. All these evaluations were to improve the academic standards of the schools and reach at least 50% on passing rates. As well, these evaluations help teachers and administrators know what to do and what not to do.

In June we had visitors from the States (the Waters). This couple helped to paint and decorate Seven Fountains classroom and conducted a workshop on Reading and Comprehension with the teachers. This time we invited schools around Nalubumba .

Teachers Workshop at Nalubumba Painting Seven Fountain Christian School

Mr. Phiri Derick from Nalubumba has been helping the school with the painting inside the classrooms for grade 1 and pre- school.

The closing ceremony for Term 2 for all the schools was on Friday August 7th. Siabalumbi had the opportunity to do the ceremony at the new chapel and Nalubumba outside under the tree with all the wind and dust because the church cannot cater for all the students and teachers.

August 14th we will be hosting the Administrators meeting at Seven Fountain to evaluate the Term II academic performances and to set a plan for term III operations.

Once again I give thanks to the Lord for the work that He had entrusted on me and to choose me to be His servant. Thanks for all the support and prayers. May the Lord bless all as you have to make decisions towards the work here in Zambia.

Ruhtt Mbumwae

ZMFC Agent/Coordinator/E.S

Tendai House Report – 2015 – from Wilson and Nancy Siazilo


Tendai House takes the pleasure to thank all sponsors of Seven Fountains Orphan Care. The attached photo shows who are currently in the Tendai House. Three of our children (Holy, Chibo and Jack) are out in schools. We thank God for the good health that we continue to enjoy.

Nancy and I and our children take pleasure in working together at Tendai house. Since we came to Seven Fountain in 2006, we have tried our best to be good models to all the kids in our care. We take pride in their good works and always remember to appraise them for good performances. However, as parents there are times when we feel discouraged by misbehavior in some of the children. However, through team work especially during school breaks, we are able to work as a team and grow our vegetables in the garden.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Board for the support both spiritually and materially that we are given from time to time. We would like to extend our thanks to the neighbours; the Sikaates, the Sibulwakabis, the Swindles and indeed all the families in the compound for we are so much attached to each other. Seven Fountains is our home and take pride in it.

We are happy to report on the kids school performances: Memory and Willy doing grade 4 at Good hope School. We suggested to the Head teacher for them to repeat grade 3 due to poor results, but no action was taken. We shall wait up to the end of the year and see if there will be improvement on the results. We realized there was an elapse of serious learning in grade 2 at Siabalumbi School, thus why we transferred them to Good hope. On the other hand Demulu however, is doing well at Siabalumbi. Most likely he will make it for grade 10 next year. Demulu is under observation on his mischief.

Chibo and Jack are both at Kalomo High School. Chibo continues doing well in her academic work. As matter of fact, she was moved into pure sciences class. Her end of term 1 results were very good. It is our prayer that she continues working hard. Jack’s results for term one this were not very encouraging reason he gave was that he moved into another class. We are yet to see his result in the second term. We are also happy to report that Holy Mwanza secured a place in a trade school, doing auto-electric.

The pursuit for Chibo and Demulu’s mother has been suspended because the so called uncle seems not straight and we would not like him taking advantage of the situation.

Twaambo’s grade 12 results are withheld at Zimba High School because he owes the school K1,600. This was as a result of cheating on his term results. As a way to assist him, he has been given a job in the garden after Jackson Munyati left. He is getting K400 per month. This money is kept aside in order to pay the balance he owes the school.

After he has paid of his debt he will decide to leave or continue with his work in the garden.

Bees: We are pleased to report that we have had no bees for last 5 months. We are so thankful that the roof to our house is no longer inhabitable with bees. The hives we have contributed on the pressure for the bees. We may put some more hives.

Yours in Christ,

Tendai Family

JULY 2015 - MILK PROGRAM – managed by Wilson and Nancy Siazilo

Hi again from Seven Fountains Farm!

It’s a beautiful time of year, with the days getting warmer and the nights cooler. July can bring frost. We are grateful that our tomatoes have survived the cold weather. We have a peach tree in the orchard that has started blooming! We recognize we are well cared for! Soon all the trees will be colorful. We can praise God for the beauty of His creation!

Currently there are 5 babies on the Milk Program. Prudence and Osbert were weaned from the programme this month. We were able to share some clothes and shoes with them. As well, we’ve asked them to keep us informed on how the children are growing. We value this relationship we’ve been able to have with them!

On the other hand I am pleased to report that Ida and Lemmy have been added to the programme. Our brother in Christ and local Clinical Officer David Kalimanshila, referred Lemmy’s aunt to seek help from ZMF-C.

The community is blessed to have David at the local hospital. He is a compassionate person and when he sees a family in need he will refer them to the ZMF-C milk program.

Lemmy’s mother died 5 days after delivery. The family had struggled for a couple of months to purchase formula. Lemmy’s aunt works for the Ministry of Health but has a large family under her care.

ZMF-C milk program protocol requires that families requesting milk formula come with a letter of referral from a clinic or hospital verifying the need for milk formula. Lemmy’s aunt produced such a letter and now Lemmy will be able to get the assistance he needs and the family will not be so burdened.

Ida’s mother appears healthy but was unable to produce milk from the time she gave birth. The family struggled to buy formula for 2 months and were also advised to come to Seven Fountain for assistance. Baby Ida looks healthy; her mother is taking care of her very well.

Lastly, allow me to briefly report on Precious, the mom of twins, Inonge and Mukobesa who were recently discharged from the milk program. Precious has schizophrenia and is receiving treatment which has been inconsistent due to much difficulty in being able to obtain basic medicines. Fortunately, Shepherd Mbumwae, (who also works for ZMF-C) and is administrator at the local clinic, has arranged through the clinic for the medicine to be available next week. When Precious has the proper meds she is very capable of caring for her almost 2 year old twins! Praise God for this!

Prayer requests: ALL of the above babies and their families and the swift arrival of medicine for Precious.

Blessings to all!

Wilson and Nancy Siazilo and the rest of ZMF-C

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