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TENDAI REPORT for June 2019: Tendai has been managed by Wilson and Nancy Siazilo since it opened in December of 2006.

Wilson has sent a few updates as of June:

Nancy broke her foot back in January when she slipped and fell. The bones in her foot took a long time to heal but the cast has finally been removed. She still wears a tight fitting boot to help the swelling go down.

Demulu, who completed Grade 12 in November, was working at the large farm next door to Seven Fountains. He was laboring to harvest tobacco and came home tired each night! It was good for him. Now he is staying in Kalomo to do his ‘tuitions’. Tuitions are offered during school term breaks and in brief they are what we would refer to as ‘tutoring’. Demulu is trying to brush up on some classes and may re-write some of his exams to improve his overall results for Grade 12.

Jack is in Year 2 at George Benson Christian College (at Namwianga Mission). He is also on term break right now and has travelled to Lusaka to visit his sister. He is discovering more relatives there! When classes are in session at GBCC Jack leads Bible studies. He is very serious about his faith in God.

Willy is the youngest of the crew who are living at Tendai. He attends school at Good Hope and I believe he is in Grade 8. He is a nice young man and has a lovely father-son relationship with Wilson. It is heart-warming to see Willy and Wilson together playing games and laughing. Wilson has said “I am confident that Willy will be fine”.

Chibbo, a sister to Demulu also lives at Tendai with her toddler daughter, Joy. Chibbo has completed Grade 12 and wants to apply for nursing school. We had encouraged her to stay home for a couple of years so that she could bond with her little girl. When Chibbo goes away to college – perhaps early in 2020 - Nancy will care for Joy.

Twaambo, brother to Jack and a former foster son to Wilson and Nancy, now works and lives at a nearby farm. He is a young man now and learning how to support himself. When we see him he is always grateful and pleasant.

Holy is another former foster son and he currently lives in the nearby town of Kalomo.

Wilson and Nancy do their best to keep in touch with all of the children they have parented over the years.


2014 is winding up. We thank God for so many things. Tendai is a lovely home for all of us.


Our sweet girl is 9 years old. She was doing grade 3 at Good hope. We would like her to repeat this grade because she failed end of year tests. Twice she has visited her uncle in Mazabuka. Her health has been good until recently when she had her tooth pulled out due to decay and she was also attacked with asthma and bronchitis at a later date.


Our dear boy is 10 years. He has grown tall and strong. He is in grade 3. He will progress to grade 4 next year. His health generally has been good. He visited his brother once. He talks about him and his wife occasionally and hopefully Willy might want to visit again in the future. Willy enjoys repairing his bike.


Our big girl is 14 years old. She has super intelligence. Most likely she will be accepted by a high class High School into grade 10 next year. She loves watching movies during her spare time. She reads a lot too. Since schools closed she is with our daughter Lumba in Mazabuka. She will

return home when the results for grade 9 are out. Her health has been good. She has stomach problems once in a while. I will post her photo on face book.

This is a photo of Chibbo and Twaambo

Demelu: is a very strong boy. He loves sports. He just finished grade 8. His academic performance at Siabalumbi continues to shine. His actual age is not certain. His step uncle disclosed that he is older than the sister -I guess he is 15 years old; putting Chibo at 14 years . We don't know for sure.

Jack: just completed grade 10 and is 16 years old. He will get his National Registration Card soon. He is showing a lot of maturity . He doesn't wait to be told. He is out to Monde village to visit his uncle. He misses the Calders so much.

Twaambo: completed High School last November. He went to Lusaka to join his sister Misozi to look for a job. I asked him about the his last exams. He thinks he did well. We will see!

Holly: is in Kalomo town doing some piece work. He made several applications. He has not fully decided what he ought to be. I encourage him to take teaching or agriculture.

Nancy and I feel so much blessed to be part of the team (ZMFC) and impact these little Angels. We look forward for them to be blessings to others.


Nancy + Wilson



Here is an overdue report for the Tendai House.

Nancy and I wish to begin by welcoming three additional members into our house. These are Aggie, Jack and Twaambo. This brings the total to eleven including 3 of our dependants. Noise pollution is unavoidable, ha! It is good experience for us as parents to notice differences in the characteristics because they are from different biological parents.

Generally all of us are doing well. God has blessed us with lots of things. We have enough food and we are able to grow some of our own food. Since we combined the gardens with Kasensa last March, Nancy is less strained and looks better. I am equally relieved because I do not drive out to school each morning instead I tend my chickens whose number has tripled. I am hopeful not long my project will subsidize proteins to the two homes. We are also engaged in farm work at out small farm in Simakakata

Individual performance of our kids begins with the youngest;

Memory – she is now 6 years old and is doing grade 1 at Seven Fountain School. She is doing very well in her academic work. She is one girl who brings joy to all of us because she talks the loudest and ever happy. End of term one results, she came out send position.

Willy – is 7 years old. He is a serious guy not wanting to be challenged by Memory and always wanting to be number one. He has better results in class than Memory. He is self-motivated. He is a strong boy always enjoys working among older children. Twice his aunt visited us to see him.

Chibbo: is now 13 years old. She is growing faster than her age, taller than the twin brother. She is the brightest of all our girls. Last term academic results show that she came out first position. One good thing about her is that she is kind and caring to the younger ones. However she is sometimes moody. This is sad experience because it is hard for us to send her to any of our older girls for holiday. We once tried her to visit Lumba and Mwaka, complained she was never happy.

Demulu: is also 13 years old. A very lovely boy! He is strong and does hard jobs. He enjoys challenging jobs. He is one person you do not here complaining of anything. Surprisingly, rarely he does fall sick. He rides his bike every day. He is self-motivated and requires little supervision. Academically he seems to be gradually improving. He is however sensitive to punishments. It is possible his new teacher is friendly and loving thus why he is doing better.

Agnes: is 14 years old. She is doing grade 5. She impresses us so much in her progress chart. Last term she came out position 12. This is a very big achievement for someone who has never passed any exam. This is so because she is now able to hear and is able to remember what teachers teach her. She is also hard working. She is eager to learn from others. Chibo, Agnes and Sue have learned how to cook nsima. During school breaks she goes to Simpwezi to visit her grand parents

Jack: is doing well in class. He is right now busy organizing his science project to compete with other students in the Zone. He came out 3rd position in term 1 end of exams. During April holiday, he, Demulu, and Twaambo went to Moonde village to visit an uncle.

Twaambo: Has finally found himself at Zimba High. We need received any complaints about that school from him. We are waiting for his end of term report from his Headteacher. He is becoming more and more responsible in the way he conducts himself.

Mwanza Holly: Shows a lot of maturity in the manner his conducts himself. How school academic results are discouraging. He is struggling in many subjects. Nevertheless he has good manners and is physically strong.

Wilson and Nancy

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